Tips for Picking The Perfect Home Site

You've decided to build a custom home. Congratulations! This is an exciting process that will result in the perfect home for you and your family. But before you can start building, you need to pick the right site for your new house. Finding that perfect site is a huge decision and there are many factors to consider. Here are tips for custom home buyers picking the perfect home site.


The old adage of location, location, location still holds true.

The location of the home site is the most important factor to consider. Look at general location factors such as proximity to work, access to public transit, local amenities, and quality of schools. Also look at lot specific location factors such as sun exposure, views and noise levels.


Direction can be an important factor for home buyers when considering a property. Many people have a preference as to what direction the front or back of the house will be facing. For some, south-facing is ideal for maximum sunlight exposure, while others might prefer a north-facing property for greater privacy. 

East- and west-facing homes can also be desirable, depending on the climate and the buyer's personal preferences. Ultimately, it is important to take all factors into consideration when choosing a lot, and direction is one of the many things that should be considered.

Size & Shape

The size and shape of the lot will determine the layout of your home. Take into account how much land you need for outdoor features such as a swimming pool, a patio, or an outdoor kitchen. Also consider how much yard space you would like to have for gardening or playing with pets and children. You may also want to factor in whether the lot has enough room to build a detached garage, shed, or other outbuildings.


The slope of the lot can have a big impact on the total cost of construction.  If the lot is sloped, it will require additional excavation or grading work to level the property. Flat lots are the easiest and least expensive to build on.

Before purchasing a site, be sure to consider any potential issues that may arise from uneven terrain.

Flood Zones

Homeowners in Wilmington, NC need to be aware that living in a coastal area can bring some added hazards, such as flooding. Identifying what flood zones are on or near a home site is vitally important. These zones impact the cost and availability of insurance coverage. A home built in a flood zone will have specific requirements that also must be met, and construction may need to adhere to strict regulations which can add cost.

Utilities & Services

Before purchasing land, be sure to check that all utilities and services are available in the area. These include electricity, gas, sewer and water access as well as communications infrastructure such as telephone lines or internet cables. A lot that is beautiful but lacking power and water will end up costing more money.

Choose a Reputable Builder

Many novice homebuyers mistakenly believe that they should find their dream lot first and then find a builder who can make their vision a reality. However, this approach can often lead to frustration and disappointment. Instead, it is often better to choose a reputable builder first and then work with them to find a suitable lot. We’ve put together a helpful list of questions you should ask before choosing a builder.

An experienced builder will be familiar with the local market and will be able to assess the potential of a given lot. They will also be able to offer advice on how to navigate the building process and deal with any potential challenges. As a result, choosing your builder first is often the best way to ensure a smooth and successful building project.

Builders will also have inside knowledge on lots that you might not be aware of.

Finally, they will be able to help you manage your budget and give advice on how to get the most out of your money.

Picking the perfect home site is a difficult decision - but with these tips, you can be sure to choose the right lot for your dream home. 

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